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“The owners phoned me regularly to keep me updated on repairs – and charged what they quoted – no hidden extras” – Alison

Air Conditioning Service

Why service your air conditioning system?
Over time, small water droplets can build up within your air conditioning system. While harmless on their own, these water droplets can allow for the growth of bacteria and fungi within the system. This can cause a variety of issues like nasty smells or, in severe cases, breathing difficulties and allergic reactions.

What can we do about it?

    A service of your air-conditioning includes:

  • Removal of old gas
  • System vacuumed and checked for leaks
  • Oil and dye added to system
  • New gas added and temperature checked

Wheel Alignment

Does my car need a wheel alignment?
Usually there are indicators that your vehicle may require a wheel alignment. These include Wobbly steering and uneven tyre wear. If you notice any of these whilst driving, it is important to contact your garage and book the car in for re-aligning.

What does it mean?

    Improper wheel alignment can lead to;

  • Rapid tyre wear
  • Drift (when driving straight)
  • Tyre Blowouts

Courtesy Cars

Just because your car is in the workshop doesn’t mean you can’t get around. We have courtesy cars available for you to use while your vehicle is with us, absolutely free.

Over a year since your last AC service? Get it booked!


MOT Testing at Selly Oak Garage

Our goal is to provide fair and affordable MOT?s to our local area.


Vehicle Repairs at Selly Oak Garage

Whether the fault is mechanical or electrical, Selly Oak Garage can help.


Car Batteries at Selly Oak Garage

We can give advice on (and supply) the best batteries for your vehicle.


Tyres at Selly Oak Garage

We offer a wide range of tyres from budget tyres to high performance tyres.


Servicing at Selly Oak Garage

We offer multiple levels of servicing for all makes and models.


Other Services at Selly Oak Garage

We also offer a wide range of other services including air conditioning.

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