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Why service your air conditioning system?

Over time, small water droplets can build up within your air conditioning system. While harmless on their own, these water droplets can allow for the growth of bacteria and fungi within the system. This can cause a variety of issues like nasty smells or, in severe cases, breathing difficulties and allergic reactions.

What can we do about it?

A service of your air-conditioning includes:

  • Removal of old gas
  • System vacuumed and checked for leaks
  • Oil and dye added to system
  • New gas added and temperature checked

Most manufacturers recommend that you have your vehicles Air Conditioning serviced around every 18 months but they don’t include it as part of the service, so book it at Selly Oak Garage Trading Limited.

Your vehicle’s air conditioning doesn't just keep you cool on those long hot summer days but also keeps your windows demisted during the depths of winter. It is recommended that you run your air conditioning for 10 - 20 minutes per week to keep all those working parts running and well lubricated.

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For more information on Air Conditioning or other enquiries please call Selly Oak Garage Trading Limited on 0121 472 1005 or complete our contact form.

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